Wednesday, August 1, 2012

pARTy #2

Bowling Green is a hotbed of creativity, especially when it comes to art. This is why we at Yellowberri have started hosting "art parties" (from here on out labeled as pARTies). Getting a group of friends and artists together at the studio to paint, draw, sketch, sculpt, and do whatever, is a great way to keep the local creative juices flowing.

  The medium doesn't matter, and neither does the skill level. All that matters is good people, good vibes, and creating something you can be proud of...and maybe tape to your fridge...unless you sculpt something. It would be hard to tape a sculpture to a fridge. Unless you used duct tape. Maybe.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It Lives!

Welcome to The Yellowberri Blog! The place to find pretty much everything we do or cover that just won't fit into a Facebook post. Well, maybe it'll fit...but you'll have to click "see more" and we can only show you one picture or video. That's lame.

We don't do lame.

We do awesome.

So this blog will be awesome. Stay on the lookout for posts...coming soon!